What is Justice for All?

Justice for All is a multi-year collaboration between the Greater Twin Cities United Way, the Minneapolis Foundation and the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation to transform the criminal justice system in Greater MSP.

We’re committed to leveraging our privilege, resources, and the depth and breadth of our cross-sector relationships to co-create policy and narrative changes that disrupt and transform an unjust criminal justice system.

Our vision is to advance solutions to inequity – designed in partnership with and led by communities directly impacted by inequity – that dismantle systemic barriers to an inclusive and thriving Greater MSP region.

What’s the Challenge?

The criminal justice system in Greater MSP is marred by racist policies and biases, which cause unacceptable harm to Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color. This harm ripples into our schools, our policing and our courts, preventing countless people from fully realizing their inherent gifts and wisdom.

Listening and Learning

To guide and advise this work, Justice for All brings together people directly affected by the criminal justice system – those who have been incarcerated, their families and their communities – and those who work within that system to uncover solutions that will not just reform, but transform, the system.

In addition to community listening, Justice for All stakeholders are working with research partners to surface data insights on the issue landscape to gain a fuller understanding of the criminal justice system in Greater MSP.

  • Huda Ahmed, Director of Justice for All
  • Judge Tonya M. Bransford, Hennepin County
  • John Choi, County Attorney, Ramsey County
  • Nathan Delgado, Better Futures
  • Erick Fors, Deputy Chief of Patrol, Minneapolis Police Department
  • Jon Geffen, “We Are All Criminals”/Mitchell Hamline
  • Andrew Gordon, Legal Rights Center
  • Nicole Green, Department of Corrections
  • Jill Hermanutz, Hennepin County Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Zachary Hilton, Ramsey County Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Daniel Karpowitz, Assistant Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Corrections
  • Robert Laverne, The Link
  • Deneal Lynch, Legal Rights Center
  • Mo Mike, South Side Harm Reduction
  • Dr. Ray Moss, Carl Moss Institute
  • Ray Parker, “We Are All Criminals”/Mitchell Hamline
  • Natalie Pollard, Ostara Initiative
  • Kevin Reese, Until We All Are Free
  • Peter Olson Skog, Superintendent, School District 197 – West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Eagan
  • Randall Smith, All Square
  • Shawnesha Stillday, All Square
  • Justin Terrell, Minnesota Justice Research Center
  • Lauren McKenzie, The Link

What's Next?

The work of Justice for All will move forward through an iterative cycle of working directly with impacted communities and systems actors, advancing solutions to inequity by:

  • Identifying challenges and pain points in the system
  • Envisioning and identifying solutions
  • Testing and scaling solutions.